The Hunt: A Reflection on Denmark’s History

This essay on Danish film The Hunt was written for World Cinema. By Kitty Williams The Hunt is a 2013 Danish film directed by Thomas Vinterberg, one of the fathers of Dogme 95. Dogme 95 was a short-lived film movement characterized by realism in every sense of the word. The film’s theme is also very much a… Continue reading The Hunt: A Reflection on Denmark’s History


Phoenix: Speak Low, Stand Tall

This essay about the German film Phoenix was written for World Cinema. By Kitty Williams Christian Petzold’s 2014 film Phoenix explores the emotional recovery two individuals must endure after World War II. After World War II, many films in Europe were very raw. The war was such a major influence on the world that films began… Continue reading Phoenix: Speak Low, Stand Tall

Celebrating Shawshank Anniversary

One would think there’s not much hope to be had after receiving two back-to-back life sentences in prison, but that’s just what Andy Dufresne has plenty of. On the 22nd anniversary of the release of The Shawshank Redemption, hope still resonates in the hearts of its viewers. We meet Tim Robbins’s Andy Dufresne as he… Continue reading Celebrating Shawshank Anniversary