Rebecca Sherman: Every Person Has a Story



Media Writing Class: February 2015

Rebecca Sherman is a freshman at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. She chose Salve Regina because of its proximity to her home in Dunbarton, New Hampshire and because of its welcoming atmosphere. Sherman would like to become a high school history teacher after graduation and therefore is focusing her studies here on history and secondary education.


Sherman did not always want to be a history teacher. When she was little, her career aspirations shifted from being a dentist to being a veterinarian, though she can’t remember why. As she has matured, her career goals have become based more on reasoning than on whim. Her high school history teacher and soccer coach, Mr. Romein, inspired her to want to teach. “He was one of the first teachers I had that made learning fun,” says Sherman.


Sherman is fascinated by history. “I like that you can basically escape whatever is going on today and think about what people were doing in the past and how the past influenced the future,” Sherman says. Her favorite periods in history are the Colonial Era and the 1960s because they were times of breaking away and making changes. The Colonial Era was all about the creation of a new nation, and the 1960s focused on the changes brought about by the Civil Rights movement and the women’s movement.


However, the time of the Salem Witch Trials holds a special place in Sherman’s personal history. She is related to one of the accused witches from the Salem Witch Trials. Her mother uncovered this information while researching her family tree for a project in college.


Sherman is actively preparing for her future by volunteering at a local after-school program once a week. The program gives children whose families are going through troubling times something to look forward to after school. “It’s all about being a mentor to them, and that’s basically one of the roles of being a teacher,” says Sherman of the experience. She finds working with children rewarding because the kids enjoy the time they spend together.


Sherman is continuing her learning experience this semester in the class Intro to American Education. Although her ideas for the future have changed before, she believes that they will remain as they are from now on.