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KW/Box: Loretta Lynch



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President Obama addresses the drone attack that has killed two hostages held by al Qaeda.


Chief Justice John Roberts is under pressure as the constitutionality of same-sex marriage is being decided.


Hillary Rodham Clinton is being questioned again about the Benghazi attacks now that she has announced her presidential campaign.



Loretta Lynch has finally been confirmed attorney general. This is the first nomination for an African American woman.

For the past six years, General Eric H. Holder Jr. has held the post. President Obama nominated Lynch in November for the position.

Obama has high expectations for Lynch’s future as attorney general. She will officially become the United States’ 83rdattorney general on Monday.



The conservative Chief Justice John Roberts has a crucial role in whether or not same-sex marriage becomes legal.

The outcome of the US v. Windsor case denied same-sex married couples federal benefits. Although Roberts tends to vote conservatively, he voted in favor of Obamacare three years ago.

It is expected that he will vote conservatively on this issue. However, supporters of same-sex marriage still have hope that he will vote in their favor.



When we return, presidential hopeful Jeb Bush organizes an informal way to meet voters.